A new generation investment and trading company
Unified management. A single structure. A single story.
6 years
in the export market
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Everything for export
Production site, cold storage, logistics center
Cultivation and harvesting of American varieties of berries
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VodiyGaz Texmontaj
Design and construction of gas pipelines
Design and construction of gas pipelines
Polyurethane production
Polyurethane production
Fertilizers, organic matter, plant protection
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What will you get by working with us
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we are among the top 3 exporters of Uzbekistan
Delivery of products only in accordance with the quality standards of network retail
Our specialists have studied the quality standards of leading Russian network companies (Magnit, X5 Retail, Dixie and others), so that the delivery of products is carried out exclusively in accordance with the requirements of these standards: quality characteristics, caliber, temperature regime, packing requirements.
Guaranteed delivery of products on time
We ship products through carriers that meet the requirements: fumigation treatment, temperature control and delivery time guarantee.
Purchase of products directly from small farms
When purchasing, all products are carefully selected and sorted directly on the plantations.
Packaging according to customer's request
When purchasing, all products are carefully selected and sorted directly on the plantations.
Customs clearance
Due to the above factors, we ensure high quality of shipped products and optimal prices

Briefly about us

OOO “ILYASOV” is an agrointegrator with a long history that supplies agricultural products from Uzbekistan exclusively according to the quality standards of leading chain retailers in Russia and Europe.

But now we are writing a new story that has turned the scope of our activities towards technology, international trade and business investment.

  • High quality guarantee
  • Packing according to customer's requirement
  • Competitive prices
  • Individual approach to each client
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